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Graduated from BrainStation Toronto web development 10-week bootcamp in December 2017. Prior to engaging in web development I spent 5 years working in interational logistics, coordinationg complex import and export projects. I opted for a career switch to webdev because I consider this path to be a fresh, fast-paced, challenging and rewarding working environment. I also love to try out the latest technologies. Good knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, React, Node.js, Express and MongoDB.

I would describe myself as an avid road cyclist and skier, indie-film and indie-music lover, as well as long-term pizza enthusiast. I firmly believe the best days are the snowiest ones.



immigrate.TO is a platform that allows users to pick a Canadian province and assess their eligibility to immigrate to that specific province. Assessment consists of simple generalized questionnaire (8 multiple choice questions). Answer to each question has certain amount of points. After user finishes the questionnaire, program generates a form which contains information on whether a user is eligible.

immigrate.TO is a single page application made with React Router. It also uses Bing News API to generate 4 latest local news headlines (it filters negative news) on each province's page.


Weather App


Weather APP is a simple weather forecast platform. It uses Open Weather Map API to display current temperature and weather condition based on user's input. It also updates the image of the city in the box on the right, also based on user's input. Finally, it updates the background image based on the weather condition (rain, snow, haze, fog, clear, clouds etc.).

Weather APP is a single page application made with React Router. It uses Axios to pull the data from API's. It uses React Lifecycle methods to avoid issues with asynchronicity.


Audio Player


A simple old school Nintendo style audio player with 4 tracks. Functionality includes play/pause as well as previous/next buttons. Each song has its own description page. My favorite school project, because it includes an audio component.

This audio player is a single page application made with React Router. Constructor function is used to store information for each song.


Cathy's House


Cathy's House is a promotional website I made for my friend's business. She owns a house and rents out rooms, mostly for international students. The goal was to highlight the uniqueness of house's location as well as to underline the high quality of the rooms.

I built Cathy's House from scratch in two days (the site that is), including initial blueprint and development.


Currency Converter


Rates converter with three currencies: USD, CAD and EUR. Currency data is fetched from Fixer.io API. Project created using Vanilla JS (ES6), SASS and HTML.


Simple Movie Database


A simple movie database with dynamic URL's using Express.


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